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  • Quantity
  • Date Code-(does not need to be exact date code)
  • Manufacturer name
  • Part Rohs compliant or not-(is part Pb free)


Sell or Consign your surplus parts to Ambit:  DAC7734EBG4, CY7C433-65JC, CY7C1324-100AC, CY22392ZXC, CY22313LFZXCT, ATF1500A-7AC, AT27C1024, AT25640N, AT25040N-10SA-5.0C, AT24C01A-10SU-1.8, AD711KR, 74AC174PC, 74F258APC,
M57732L-6953, 100314QC, LT1085CT, LM2597HVMX-5.0, 1N4006, 2N2526, 2N3773, LM117K
, ADS7813PBG4, ispLSI1048-70LQ, IS6010IRG4BC20MD-SPbF, IRFBC30, IRF5305, EL2227CS-T7, H11AV3, DHA-3000, EL2227CS-T13, ZY24, ATMEGA64A-AU74ABT245D,602, 74ACT138SC, MC68HC705B16CFN, OPA131UA, OPA544T, UCB1400BE, CD74FCT245E, IDT74ALVCH16245PAG, JM38510/65503BRA, SN74ABT16245ADGGR, AT45DB642-TI, EP1C6Q240C8, ZY91, SPW47N60C3, 74HC245D, A1101ELHLT-T, ZZZZMC74HC04AN, UCN5895EP, 1N4007, BAP70-03, ZXTN5551FLTA, NC7WB66K8X, ISP1520BD, ATMEGA128-16AU, BAV99, BSS123, BTS711L1, EKMM451VSN121MQ30S, M27C4001-10F1, BSP452, AT45DB161D-SU, IRF7404, MSC1201Y3RHHR, 2N2905A, 6N137, 4N25, AD420ARZ-32, ITS711L1, JS28F128J3D75, K4S561632J-UC75, L5973D013TR, TMS320LF2407APGEA, ZXT10N50DE6TA, HE721A0500, FTR-B3GA4.5Z-B10, G2RL24DC5, AGN2004H, CB1-12V, DS2Y-S-DC5V, HE2AN-Q-DC12V, JS1-5V-F, TQ4-5V, 1-1393210-8, RY-24W-K, G6K2FDC3, RK1-5V, JY-24H-K, G5V1DC5, ALA2PF12, JW2ASN-DC24V, S2EB-24V, TN2-L2-12V, TX2SA-12V, 2-1393104-5, 5-1393211-7, DK1A1B-12V, A-12W-K, NA-5W-K, JVN1A-12V-F, PA1A-5V, ST2-DC5V-F, PCA82C250T, OP07CP, TCA965B, TLE6220GP, ZXRE060AET5TATPIC6B259DW, SN74ALS259N, CD74HC373M, SN54HC373J, 74LCX373MTR, M74HC259B1R, M38510/75403B2A, MC74HC573ANG, N74F373D,602, 74ACT573SCX, 74VHC573M, NC7SZ373P6X, DM54LS259J/883, MM74HC573WM, 74HC75D,653, 74ABT573AD,112, 5962-8685601RA, 8407201RA, CD4043BF3A, SN74LS32N, 74AC00SC, NL17SZ32DFT2G, HEF4093BP,652, SSTE32882KA1AKG, U6046B-MY, TRF3765IRHBT, TK1-5V, TC74ACT521P, SM802101UMG, STWD100NPWY3F, S29AL032D70TAI000, PI74FCT521TS, 1N5822, BTS723GW, BTS7710GPT, LM317T, IDT74FCT245ATQG, SN74F245N, CY74FCT245ATSOC, GTL1655DGG,518, MC74AC245NG, FXL4TD245BQX, CD74ACT245E, 74ACT16245DLR, 74AC541SC, 74LCX16244MTDX, FXLP34P5X, N74F06D,602, 74ACT16244DLR, MC74HC125ADR2G, SN5406J, 74ACT245SC, SNJ5406FK, 8550601RA, 74AC138SC, NC7SZ19P6X, MC14511BDG, 74LVX238TTR, SN74LS42N, CD4028BE
, FAN4810MX, E-L6563TR, IR1150ISTR, LT1248IS#TR, MC33232DR2, ML4800CSX, NCP1603D100R2, TDA4863GNT, UC2853ADTR, UC3854ADWTRG4, UCC28051DR, V62/06612-01XE, UC39432BN, ML-414S/DN, PM2300AH, AD7280BSTZ, BQ24005PWP, BQ8015DBT, LP3925RME-E/NOPB, LV51137T-TLM-E, DDTB142JU-7, MJD112TF, FDG6322C, MRF8S21200HSR5, MRFE6VP61K25HSR5, 2N6796, ARF1510, 2N2907AJANTX, 2N2151JAN, MX2N3822MJE700G, 2SK3557-6-TB-E, 2N3819G, 2SJ74-V(TPE2,F), TSDF54040XR-GS08, S974T-GS08, SY10EP31VKG, TPIC6B273N, 2N5115JAN02, IRF1704, SI7119DN-T1-GE3, SI9948AEY-T1-GE3, SI1563DH-T1-GE3, 54AC174FMQB, 54AC273DMQB, 54AC374LMQB, 54AC74LMQB, 54ACT174DMQB, 100331FMQB, IDT74LVC574ASO, JD54LS175BFA, JM38510/34101BDA, JM54AC377B2A, M38510/01701BEA, M38510/30110BEA, M38510/75602BRA, MC100EP51DG, MC10EP451FAG, MC74AC273DWR2G, 54AC174LMQB, 1N4462, 54AC273WG-QML, 54AC377LMQB, 54AC74FMQB, 54ACQ374LMQB, 54ACT109DMQB, 935040270602, 4423, 8004101EA, 74AHCT541D,112, 74FCT162244TPAG, N74F07D,602, TC7W125FUTE12LF, MC74VHC126DTR2G, 74LVTH244MTCX, SN74AUC244RGYR, 74ACT18825MTDX, SN74ALVC125DGVR, 100336QIX, SN74HC109ANE4, MC74ACT174NG, 74LVC1G125GV,125, 74AVC16374DGVRG4, 5962-9762401QXA, 74LCX16374G, NL37WZ17USG, 74LVC2G74GM-G, MC74HC240ADWR2G, 74ABT16244ADGG,112, 54ACT241DMQB, IDT74LVC74APG, JM38510/37101BCA, 54ACT241FMQB, 54ACT241LMQB, 54ACT244DMQB, M74HC76B1R, AM28F010A-150PC, 74HC191DB-T, 1V5KE82CANL, 3KP8.0C-TP, 1.5KE27AG, 1.5KA6.8AHE3/73, 1N6118ATRJANTXV, P6KE100A, 1.5SMC220A R6, 1.5KE13-GT3, N74F574D,623, P4SMA22A R2, P4SMA6V8A R2, 1N6281AG, P4KE550A-TP, P6KE56CA R0, SA33A-GT3, P6KE7.5A R0, P6SMB18A, 1N6291AG, 1N6155AUSJANTX-T/R, SLVE2.8.TCT, 1KSMBJ11A, 74HC390PW,112, SN74LS74ADR2G, TCLAMP2502N.TCT, SN74LV574APWRE4, 74HC164PW,118, 20KPA64C, SN74LVC1G175DRYR, G3SBA80/22, MBRS15200CT RN, M50100SB1200, 130MT140KB, DBL209G, VUO36-14NO8, SET111411T, GBPC2502-BP, GBU6005-7, E-L6210, Additional Parts

Any questions, please call us at our New York headquarters at (845) 425-2254 or e-mail us.

Please send any other surplus and excess electronic parts inventory to for review


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  • Electromechanical
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    • Relays
    • Switches
    • Displays


"Ambit Electronics is a very good company. They have helped Arrow Components Mexico reduce our excess inventory. Their payments are good and they are very reliable. I highly recommend them."

Carlos Lara
Field Sales Engineer
Arrow Components Mexico S.A. DE C.V.

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