Ambit's Six Points of Excellence.

Ambit offers flexible solutions, such as outright sales, consignment, and sales & revenue-sharing. These specialized programs allow Ambit to work with you in controlling how, where, and when your products enter our unique supply chain. This allows your company to profit from your obsolete and older date code products without cross-channel concern.

Ambit carefully coordinates its marketing with your sales team, ensuring that we do not sell to your customer base. Conflict with the client’s authorized distributors and customers is scrupulously avoided.

Ambit controls where your components are sold. This ensures we sell your product to customers and/ or territories approved by you. Additionally, we rigorously adhere to and comply with all export regulations and restrictions.

Ambit’s "no channel conflict" business model helps our clients realize superior prices for their older date code, obsolete and excess component parts. This allows your company to achieve profits on products that have a low turnover rate and long shelf life.

Ambit serves a global customer base that typically seeks older date code product and operates in a very cost conscious environment. Tier 1 customers do not source parts from Ambit and we do not market to Tier 1 customers.

Ambit protects your privacy. We understand your need for confidentiality and control where your parts are sold. We protect our clients' interests and our services are always conducted with the utmost discretion.

Let us show you our commitment to exceptional customer service. Our global offices means that "we speak your language" - and can help your company, no matter where it's located.

Discover the "no channel conflict", Ambit Electronics difference. Please contact us at our headquarters in New York at (845) 425-2254 or e-mail us at