Maintain your dead stock component inventory valuations on your balance sheet and benefit by having Ambit's Sales Team advertise your components to our diversified customer base.

For over 30 years, Ambit has helped companies consign their dead stock, end-of-life (EOL) and slow moving active, passive and electromechanical component inventory. Our enterprising global sales and marketing team is dedicated to selling your surplus inventory for maximum profit.

Here's how we can help:

Your consigned electronic components are always sold.

We guarantee that we will sell your entire consigned inventory. Component parts are never returned unless you request them back.

We carefully maintain and protect your privacy.

Upon request, Ambit ensures your anonymity by removing any identifying material bearing your company name or logo.

Free Component Inventory Management services.

When you choose Ambit’s consignment program, our inventory management specialists will travel to your warehouse and inspect, identify, and categorize your surplus components. If you prefer, we can perform these services in Ambit's warehouse. Ambit will begin marketing your inventory after it is shipped to our warehouse (at Ambit's expense.)

Consigned inventory is segregated in our warehouse.

We ensure quality control of your consigned inventory. At arrival, every component is assigned a unique identifier allowing you to know its status at any time. The journey through Ambit’s warehouse to our customers is carefully documented and reported to you in detailed monthly Receiving, Inventory, Sales, Cash Receipt, Cash Disbursements and RMA reports.

Eco-friendly scrap recycling services.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment. Ambit's Green Policy states that we will always recycle your scrap plastics, metal, and proprietary components in an environmentally friendly way and complying with all governing laws. A "Certificate of Destruction" is issued for crushed/destroyed components.

You are our partner.

We invite and welcome you to visit our warehouse and audit your consigned merchandise at your convenience.

Let the experts sell your consigned component inventory. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at our headquarters in New York at (845) 425-2254 or e-mail us at