Outright Sales

Now, you can quickly sell your excess component part inventory and turn it into cash.  Since 1979, Ambit has been buying dead stock, end-of-life (EOL) and slow-moving active, passive and electromechanical component parts. We've helped hundreds of clients - from small businesses to multi-national corporations including Vishay, Sharp, Epcos and Osram. And we can help you too.

Submit your component parts inventory list now for a customized price quote.

Discover the Ambit difference:

Ambit pays premium prices for your electronic component parts.

We carefully analyze the desirable inventory, the slow-moving electronic component items and the recyclable material to offer you top dollar. Because Ambit commands strong sales in the resellers market channel, we can often purchase your electronic components for a premium price.

Immediate payment and Ambit pays for shipping.

Ambit will issue a Purchase Order when you accept our offer. Funds are wired immediately upon receiving your Invoice - no red tape, no bureaucratic delays. Shipping will be arranged at Ambit's expense.

Work directly with a decision-maker.

Every client works directly with one of our expert inventory management specialists, ensuring you'll receive fast and expedited service on all aspects of the sales transaction. Upon request, we can present you with a sales contract customized for your needs.

Ambit is global

We work with many different cultures and readily embrace their unique business requirements.We service our European and Asian accounts with our affiliated companies, Haven Computers Ltd. and Star-Lite Technology Ltd., respectively.

"No Channel Conflict" business model.

Ambit does not compete with your current sales and marketing channels. We work with you - not against you. We target our sales & marketing activities to our exclusive customer base. Ambit markets excess component parts inventory and older date code product via our unique non-standard sales channels. Tier 1 customers do not procure merchandise from Ambit.

Ambit protects your privacy.

Upon request Ambit ensures your anonymity by removing any identifying material bearing your company name or logo.

You are our partner.

We regularly visit our customers, helping them strategize for their surplus inventory. Additionally, our global partnerships help us anticipate market demand for electronic components - and we freely share this insight with our clients.

Eco-friendly scrap recycling services.

Ambit is dedicated to protecting the environment.  Our Green Policy states that we will always recycle metal, scrap plastics, and proprietary components in an environmentally friendly way and complying with all governing laws.  A "Certificate of Destruction" is issued for crushed/destroyed components.

Submit your component parts inventory list now for a customized price quote.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at our headquarters in New York (845) 425-2254 or e-mail us at ambit@ambitelectronics.com.