Please submit information on your surplus parts:

  • Manufacturer part number
  • Quantity
  • Date Code-(does not need to be exact date code)
  • Manufacturer name
  • Part Rohs compliant or not-(is part Pb free)


Sell or Consign your surplus parts to Ambit:  ZXMN2A14F, RJHSE-508A, EPM9320ALC84-10, EPC1PC8, 1N5711, AT24C256C-SSHL-T, 2SJ402, 74HC245D,652, AD9101AR, L6203, FT232RL-TUBE, IS42S16100E-7BLIIS45S16400F-7CTNA2, MT46V32M16CY-5B:J, AT88SC25616C-SU, CAT25256VI-G, M93C66-WMN6PAT28C256E-15JU, K4M51323LC-DN75000, SN74S85NS, SN74LS688NSG4, M38510/11201B2A, PI74FCT521TSX, 5962-8854302RA, 7703701EA, SN74ALS679DWG4, SN74ACT8997DW, SNJ5497J, CDCE62005RGZT, PCA9306DCTR, P82B96D, AD9515BCPZ, HV5622PJ, ADG3233BRJ-REEL7, AD807A-155BRZ, AD9857ASTZ, LTC6994CS6-1#PBF, MC100EP40DTG, NB7L216MNG, UC3901DW, ST72F262G2M6, SAA7111AHZ, BQ27010DRKR, CY14B256PA-SFXI, MR2A16ATS35CR, S25FL128P0XNFI000, DDTA114TUA-7, RC28F128J3F75ASN74HC112D, 1KAB20E, 1N5290, 1N5300, 5962-8762401CA, SN74LVC14APWR, SN74LVC04APW, SN74HCT14DR, IS61C6416AL-12TLI, SN74HC14DR, CY7C1361C-133AXI, SN74AS04N, CD4069UBE, M74HC04B1R, MC74HC1G04DTT1G, SN74ABT245BPW, SN74ALVCH16245DGGR, SN74LVC245ARGYR, SN74LVCH16245ADLR, SN74AVC32T245ZKER, SN74AHCT245DBR, 74LVC2G07GW,125, SN74ALS1035D, SN74HC541DWR, SN74LS05N, MM74HC245ASJ, 74HC138D.652, CPM2A30CDT1D, ISP1181BDGG,112, AT97SC3203-X9A10, ISP1582BS,551, LM8300IMT9BUCQ5810LWF, PSD853F2-70J, PCA9518AD, LM93CIMT, PSD313B-90JI, CY7C63801-PXC, ISP1181ADGG,118, IDT79RC32V134-DS, CS1311, LSI00056, AC5520 S LGMU, SAF1562HL/N2-T, AF82801JIR S LB8S, AM53CF96KC/W, UPD720113GK-9EU-A, CY7C63723-SXC, E82802AB8, FDC37C665GT, FDC37C78-HT, FW82801AA S L3MA, ISP1760BE, JG82845_S_L8D8, LPC47M192-NW, LSI53C101033, LSI53C1030, LSI53CF92A-64QFP, LSISAS1064EPBFREE62097B2, USB2502-AEZG, W83627SF-AW, W83977AG-A, GH06507B2A, HFE4083-322, LM5Q32, OPV214, OPV315AT, TOLD9441MC(TR), N25Q128A13BF840E, MT29F8G16ADBDAH4-IT:D, BQ24740RHDT, BQ27520YZFT-G2, SI9730CBY, SI9731DB, NE5531079A-T1A-A, NE722S01-T1, NE8500295-4, NE25118-T1, NE3515S02-T1C-A, 54FCT574LB, 74ACT16823DL, 74AHC74BQ,115, 5962-9757401V2A, 74FCT162374CTPAG, 74FCT374DTP, 74HC374DTR2G, 74HC73D,652, 74LCX112MTC, 74LVC1G175DCKRE4, 74ABT534APW-T, 74AC374SJ.NL, 74AC74SJNL, CD74HC564M96E474ACQ574SC_NL, CD74HCT574QPWREP, 74ACT11374NSRG4, 74ACT175SCNL, CY74FCT374TQCTG4, 74ALVCH162820PF, SN74107N, SN74ABT821ADWRG4, 74ALVCH16721PV8, SN74AC74MDREP, SN74ACT74D, SN74AHC574PWR, 74ALVCH16823DGGRG4, SN74AHCT374PW, 74ALVT16823DGG,118, 935040280602, 1P1G125QDCKRQ1, 100313DMQB, SY89538LHY, SY89313VMI TR, SY89231UMG, SY89221UHY, SY604JZ TR, SY10EL32VZI, 100322FMQB, 74LVC1G07MDCKREPG4, CD4050BDR, 5962-89711023A, 5962-9322801MXA, CY74FCT823ATQXC, 5962-9556701MPA, 5962-9680801QXA, DM74ALS244AWM, DM74ALS273WMX_NL, SNJ54ACT8990GB, 74LVQ273SC, 54AC541WG-QML, 54ACQ240DMQB, 54ACT161DMQB, 54ACTQ244DMQB-R, 54F365DMQB, 54FCT244AE, 54FCT540DMQB, 74F169SCX_NL, SNJ54LVTH162244WD, MC10EP451MNG, MC74ACT574DTR2G, 74VHCT244AMTR, JD54LS244BSA, CD4049UBMW/883, CD4007UBE, MC74ACT05DR2G, JM54AC244B2A, BZW04-13B R0, P6KE22A, P6KE62A, 1.5KE68, ESD5V3U2U03LRHE6327XTMA1, MGUG040150L2DP, LCE26A, 15KP48CAB, 1N6130ATRJANTXV, 2DAD-C5RLF, 1N6385, 74F579SC_NL, 74FCT16244ATPACTG4, 15KPA130CA-LF, SA170A R0, NC7SZ374L6X, 15KPA43A-LF, PI74AVC+16820AK, SMAJ22A R2, 30KPA48A-LF, 74HC4015DB,112, SN74LVC2G80DCTRG4, 74FCT541ATSO, P6SMB11CAT3G, P6SMB20AT3G, 3KP10A-B, SMBJ17A-13, SN74LVC74ADB, 5.0SMDJ18A, SN74LVC823APWRG4, MSD130-12, EDF1DS, BSS126H6906XTSA1, TS20P01G C2, BZX84C15S-7-F, AZ23C15-7-F, DZ23C2V7-7, SZMMSZ4678T1G, FLZ11VA, AM29DL322DT-120EEN, More Parts

Any questions, please call us at our New York headquarters at (845) 425-2254 or e-mail us.

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"Ambit Electronics is a very good company. They have helped Arrow Components Mexico reduce our excess inventory. Their payments are good and they are very reliable. I highly recommend them."

Carlos Lara
Field Sales Engineer
Arrow Components Mexico S.A. DE C.V.

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