For over 30 years, Ambit has helped component manufacturerselectronic distributors, OEMs and CEMs discreetly sell their obsolete electronic component inventories.

Our global partnerships and industry experience lets us anticipate market demand for electronic components - and we enjoy sharing this insight with our valuable clients. Learn more about Ambit and how we're long-term partners for many trusted electronic component brands.

Ambit can buy your entire component parts inventory, sell your components on consignment, or develop a personalized solution customized for your business needs.

We'll quickly prepare a competitive offer and if accepted, arrange for shipping.  We will discreetly market your obsolete components in a way that's free of channel conflict concerns. Whatever your unique situation, we'll provide your company a customized, one-stop electronic parts management solution.

Ambit’s “No Channel Conflict” business model ensures that we complement - not compete with - your existing marketing efforts. We do not target Tier 1 customers. Instead, your surplus and older date code component parts are discreetly marketed through our non-standard sales channels.

Discover more about our unique business model and Ambit's Six Points of Excellence.


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Have questions? In a world of e-commerce, we provide a human touch. We invite you to call our New York headquarters at (845) 425-2254. or please email us at your convenience. We're ready to help you manage your excess electronic component inventory, today.